Sony Killzone Platinum, PS2

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Killzone will change the way you look at first-person action. Drawing inspiration from some of the 20th Century's most epic confrontations, the game will transport you into a gritty, realistic theatre of war, surrounded by a new and dangerous enemy - the Helghast.

Four playable characters make up the ISA contingent that is caught deep within the Killzone. Play as a stealthy female assassin, a heavy weapons specialist, a brutal spy or an all-rounder, and take appropriate routes through the chaotic battlefields.

The war-torn environments you will witness include trench systems and ruined cities that drip with atmosphere and attention to detail. Don't expect to have much time to sit and admire the view, though - the Helghast are relentless in their attack.

Using advanced artificial intelligence, the Helghast are a deadly foe that actively size up their situation, and act together to take you down. You'll need every ounce of battle experience you can muster to survive.

Thankfully, a deadly arsenal of fearsome weaponry helps to even the odds in your favour. Incredible animation and convincing detail makes them the most satisfying firearms you'll ever fire - and you're going to need to fire them a lot.

In addition to the superlative single-player campaign, Killzone allows players to head online and battle it out in multiplayer skirmishes between the ISA and Helghan forces. A variety of modes add variety and strategy to the blazing battles.

First class production values - including an original score performed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - and an original, evocative sci-fi setting help make Killzone the essential action game.

- A genre-defining, gritty portrayal of a futuristic war
- Wield terrifyingly powerful weaponry as you face the deadly Helghast army
- Play online in hectic multiplayer battles
- First class production values, including an original score by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
ESRB rating:
M (Mature)
PlayStation 2