Sony Jungle Party

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Feeling like a cheeky monkey? You’ll love taking this rapid-fire collection of 15 madcap mini-games from the original PlayStation 2 hit out on the move with PSP. Get ready for button-bashing fun in a jungle paradise as you share fifteen fast and fun challenges with up to four players using Pass Around mode or Game Sharing. And don’t worry if you’re on your own – computer-controlled chimps will take up the slack. This treetop riot is easy to play and packed with ape antics; whether you’re bashing totem poles, leaping across lilypads, playing baseball with an elephant, blowing cheeky bubbles in the bathtub or even taming a lion, the fun doesn’t stop. Prepare to run wild in your very own portable Jungle Party!
ESRB rating:
E (Everyone)
PlayStation Portable (PSP)