Sony Jak X: Combat Racing - Platinum

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Battle on the racetracks and arenas of Kras City to save the lives of Naughty Dog's famous duo.

Following the Dark Maker's defeat in Jak 3, Jak has been summoned to Kras City, home of the hot new sport - combat racing, to hear the reading of deceased adversary Krew's will. Sadly, it's all part of a posthumous plot by the crime lord to exact revenge on his enemies, and Jak and Daxter find themselves competing for their lives in the Kras City Grand Championship.

Jak X blends destructive racing action with arena-based vehicle combat, making for a unique entry in the popular Jak and Daxter series. Tackle 120 tasks across 20 twisting tracks and eight open arenas, using an assortment of offensive and defensive power-ups to ensure that our heroic twosome reign supreme in the Championship. You can also hook up Jax X with Daxter for PlayStation Portable to unlock numerous secret items and characters.

- Race and battle over 20 stunning tracks and eight huge open terrain arenas
- Cause chaos in over a dozen unique, fully customisable and destructible combat vehicles
- Features online play for a host of combat racers.
Naughty Dog
Language version:
PlayStation 2

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