Sony Gran Turismo 5 Collector's Edition

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The ultimate driving entertainment experience, complete with cutting-edge technology and online multiplayer.

- "Driving a car" – sounds simple doesn't it? When you focus on this simple thing, look at it in the finest detail from all possible angles and push it to the limits of human imagination and technology, it is reborn as Gran Turismo 5.

- Once inside your car, you find a complex and refined combination of the myriad parts that come together to make up the beautiful interior. Shifting your vision to the left, right or behind, you can view the passenger and the rear seats. There's a simple reason for that too: locking your view to the front windscreen just because it's a racing game doesn't really count as recreating a car.

- Of course, there's also fun that's only possible in a game: you can take your favourite car to a variety of famous locations around the globe in Photo Mode to take beautiful photographs, as well as communicating and racing against friends the world over.

- Over 1,000 cars and 20 tracks, each with 70 variations, await you and your rivals.

Collector's Edition
A highly-desirable upgrade for serious racers and motoring fans, this eye-catching edition comes with plenty of added horsepower inside its high-end collector’s box. As well as the game itself, you’ll get:

- Exclusive Special Edition inlay sleeve art
- 200+ page ‘Apex’ driver’s magazine with hints on driving technique, car tuning, future technologies and more
- Five Collector’s Edition artcards featuring exclusive artwork
- In-game ‘ChromeLine’ vehicle pack: five performance-enhanced cars ready to race
- Exclusive dynamic theme to customize your PS3 XMB
Polyphony Digital Inc.
ESRB rating:
E (Everyone)
Language version:
PlayStation 3