Sony EyeToy: Play Hero inkl. Sword + EyeToy USB-Kamera, PS2

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EyeToy Play: Hero comes complete with a real toy sword for you to wield on your quest. The EyeToy USB Camera will track your sword's movements as you progress through your adventure. You can watch your swordplay unfold live on-screen as you dodge bandits, hack your way through dense undergrowth, take on the enormous black knight, and much more! Make it through a wide range of exciting challenges, and maybe you'll become the hero of the land.

- A brand new, story-based adventure for EyeToy fans, letting you become the hero of your own fun, friendly and exciting fantasy adventure
- EyeToy technology brings your adventure to life, tracking your sword's movements as you swing, block and dodge
- Get help from a fellow adventurer, taking it in turns to attempt each challenge in multiplayer mode
London Studios
ESRB rating:
E (Everyone)
Language version:
PlayStation 2