Sony EyeToy Monkey Mania

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Join those crazy Ape Escape monkeys on Freaky Floaty Island for over 50 totally manic EyeToy minigames!

Are you all ready for the craziest EyeToy game yet? Those pant-wearing Ape Escape monkeys have invited you and your friends to join them on Freaky Floaty Island for a manic minigame party!

You and up to three other cheeky monkeys can explore the island, befriending Pipo monkeys, collecting crazy items, and finding new costumes for your personal monkey pal along the way. So go on, show off your best monkey moves and have loads of fun! Did we mention the monkeys?

EyeToy: Monkey lets up to four players compete for precious Pipo monkeys on the board game-like Freaky Floaty Island. As you move around the island, you'll come across all sorts of traps, bonuses, penalties, obstacles, and, of course, wacky minigames that can affect both your monkey character and your fellow simian competitors.

Thanks to the fantastic EyeToy Camera, all four players can appear on screen at once and interact directly with the characters and environments to compete for simian supremacy! You'll be going bananas in games such as Simian Stylist, Hide The Banana!, Exploding Pant Challenge, Rolling Snowball, Pant Puller, and many, many more.

If you haven't got time to play a full board game, every game you've unlocked can be played individually. So whether you feel the need to guide a huge snowball safely along a treacherous mountain path, engage in a frantic game of air hockey, or indulge in any of the 48 other frantic challenges, what kind of monkey business you get up to is entirely up to you.

- Play 50 crazy minigames, all packed full of monkey madness!

- Features simultaneous play for up to four players.

- Use your body to control the characters and environments.

- Compete against your friends in board game-style environments.
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PlayStation 2