Sony EyeToy: AntiGrav

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The creators of Frequency and Amplitude return with an innovative hoverboarding title that uses EyeToy like never before.

Harmonix, creator of the addictive Frequency and Amplitude rhythm action titles, has once again teamed up with SCEE for a completely new kind of EyeToy gaming experience. Unlike other EyeToy games, EyeToy: AntiGrav doesn't put you in the heart of the action; instead, it uses the USB camera to track the movement of your individual body parts and control one of eight hoverboarders as they deftly defy gravity through five futuristic worlds.

EyeToy: AntiGrav puts a new twist on EyeToy's movement recognition technology to first lock onto body parts, and then track them continuously for a unique gaming experience. Simple arm, head, and body movements are all that's needed to make your chosen hoverboard pro race, leap, and perform spectacular stunts through ten hi-tech, elaborately designed tracks filled with obstacles such as flying cars and vast skyscrapers.

Two game modes are available for you to show off your hoverboarding skills: Speed mode sees you blazing a gravity-defying trail, as you attempt to beat fellow boarders in a hectic race, while Style mode challenges you to perform insane tricks and combos to rack up huge scores and unlock bonus items. It's also possible to compete in multiplayer, with each player taking it in turns to compete against the 'ghost' riders that re-enact the previous players' efforts.

- Use EyeToy to control your hoverboarder using just your body.

- Eight original characters, all with unique attributes.

- Race against other 'boarders in Speed mode, or pull off your best tricks in Style mode.

- Features tunes from breakbeat masters Apollo 440.
PlayStation 2

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