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Your very own Pet
Welcome to the incredible world of EyePet, an extraordinary experience which introduces a cheeky and fun new addition to your family. The set up is easy - simply create a clear and well lit space in front of your TV, plug in a PlayStation Eye camera, and then place the Magic Card (included with game) on the floor. The PlayStation Eye camera puts you and your EyePet into the same scene on TV, allowing you both to interact and play together.
Your Pet arrives in a cosy egg, eventually hatching under your care to reveal a friendly and adorable little creature, ready for your affection. Just make sure you give him a good name...
Fluffy and endearing, your Pet can also be given a more personal touch with a little imagination and makeover magic. You can change the colour, style and patterns of his fur and also grow it long or make it spiky and short... or even shave it low for a smooth look. How about dressing up your Pet, too? There are a variety of snazzy outfits to choose from, such as a dragon, cheerleader or even a spacesuit.
And with a constantly new batch of costumes, fur designs, toys and accessories available to download from the in-game store you can keep your Pet entertained and his wardrobe fresh.
Sony Worldwide Studios
ESRB rating:
E (Everyone)
PlayStation 3
Media types supported:

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