Sony EyePet Adventures, PSP + Camera

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The world's favourite portable pet just got even more adventurous!
- Play brand new augmented reality games and bond with your EyePet as you care for him and go on adventures together.
- Join the world renowned EyePet Explorer Club and explore the secret places beneath your floor.
- Discover mysterious things hidden by other EyePets, then rebuild and play with their magical lost toys.
- Earn reward tokens for everything you do and spend them to unlock more fun!

The adventure begins...
The adorable EyePet is back, and he's ready to take you on a brand new quest on PSP. So, pack your bag - you'll need your PSP, a copy of EyePet Adventures, a PSP Camera and a Magic Card.
You're going on a new journey with your furry friend - not only can your EyePet join you in the park, in the car and on holiday - now you can both take a trip beneath your own floor and make some amazing discoveries. Join the renowned EyePet Explorer Club, call your Explorer Craft and watch as your cheeky pal happily jumps in.
As you delve into the secret world of caves that lies under your floor, you'll find a treasure trove of fun activities to explore. Guide your EyePet through enchanting caverns packed with quirky puzzles, Pet Tokens and items left by other EyePets. Keep your eye out for any magical playthings that may have been lost, fix them and start having some fun with them. Make sure you collect as many Pet Tokens as possible - you can use these to upgrade your Explorer Craft to enter new areas, or to buy new costumes, outfits and games.
Along with this exciting new quest is all the classic fun that comes with owning your very own EyePet. Feed him, wash him, play with him and style his fur and clothes to keep him looking cheeky and feeling happy.

PSP™ Camera

Turn your PSP into a camera and take both pictures and video.
- Turn your PSP into a video and stills camera.
- Attach the Camera via the High Speed USB connector.
- Play back the action instantly on the PSP system's screen.
London Studios
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E (Everyone)
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PlayStation Portable (PSP)
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