Sony echoshift

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Mastered echochrome? Time to try a magical new puzzler to tease your brain…

Take your mind on a brain teasing journey with the action puzzles of echoshift. Your task is to guide your mannequin to a door within the time limit during each stage. The only way to succeed is by using the fantastic time repeating powers at your disposal which allow you to cooperate with your past mannequins to solve the puzzles in the present.

The first time you enter a stage, the level will end after a short time period and then restart - which is your cue to play from its beginning again but using the replay data you created from your first attempt. The more times you repeat the stage, the more echoes you create. By cooperating with your past echoes, you can perform tricks, dodge obstacles and overcome the puzzles in your path.

echoshift will have you returning time and time again.

-Experience working with your past selves to succeed.
-Enjoy addictive gameplay that will keep bringing you back for more.
-Download extra stages to increase the world of echoshift.
ESRB rating:
EC (Early Childhood)
PlayStation Portable (PSP)