Sony Echochrome

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Featuring elegantly designed black and white drawings, Echochrome is a unique and captivating puzzle game. Echochrome challenges the player to abide by 5 simple laws of perspective, which govern how the player advances through each stage. Offering the most gameplay with the least graphics, Echochrome is likened to playing a M.C. Escher drawing. The player controls an infinite canvas, guiding a mannequin figure by carefully controlling the perspective, tilting and turning the level to create a continual pathway for the mannequin to walk safely through the design. Throughout the encounter, the mannequin will be guided by echos, or shadow guides, used as progress points to advance players along the pathway. There is no set pathway for any level in Echochrome. Players will find different and limitless ways to advance through each stage.

- Perspective traveling - When two separate pathways appear to be touching, they are
- Perspective landing - If one pathway appears to be above another, it is
- Perspective existence - When the gap between two pathways is blocked from view and the pathways appear to be connected, they are
- Perspective absence - When a hole is blocked from view, it does not exist
- Perspective jump - When the mannequin jumps, it will land on what ever appears beneath it
- Wirelessly trade mazes created in Canvas Mode with friends
Japan Studio
ESRB rating:
E (Everyone)
Language version:
PlayStation Portable (PSP)