Sony Buzz!: Quiz TV

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The quiz title that transforms your home into a TV game show studio makes its PlayStation 3 debut packed with online features. Thanks to PlayStation Network, the whole world becomes a quiz show as you go online to pit your quiz skills against the best on offer.

Buzz!: Quiz TV will give you instant access to almost any subject you can think of, and is backed up by a huge selection of downloadable and user-generated content.

The starting point is the Buzz!: Quiz TV Blu-ray Disc, featuring a whopping 5,000 questions divided into five channels: The Music Channel, The Movies and TV Channel, The Sports Channel, The Knowledge Channel, and The Lifestyle Channel.

Choose between playing a whole game with questions from a single channel or select Channel Hopper mode to take a random mix of questions drawn from all five. Whichever way you play, the Buzz! studio and lighting – all, of course, in stunning High Definition - will change to reflect the topic that you are being quizzed on.

Of course let’s not forget the man himself. Buzz - the sharp-suited quiz maestro you know and love is already working hard to update his repertoire of quips and asides for this next-generation title.

- Choose your subject, choose your quiz and play in High Definition with huge online support
- Start with 5,000 questions and download tens of thousands more
- Play online against Buzz! teams worldwide and write and share your own quizzes
Relentless Software
ESRB rating:
T (Teen)
PlayStation 3