Sony PSP Silver Slim & Lite

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PSP (PlayStation Portable) lets you access games, videos, music and photos at any time and share them with friends. A stylish device, the new PSP system features a TV-out socket for displaying content on a television.


- PSP is Go!ng. Learn about photography and video recording, voice and video chatting, and GPS navigation on your PSP.

- Playmates. Use Remote Play and Play TV to connect your PSP and PLAYSTATION 3 and expand your entertainment options.

- Get chatting. PSP provides free voice and video chat on the move.

- PSP online. PSP supports a range of online functions that go beyond multiplayer gaming, such as Internet browsing, email, RSS and Internet radio.

- Connectivity. PLAYSTATION 3 and PSP play well together.

- Media Manager for PSP. From your PC to PSP in a few easy steps.

- Network. Connect with the world wherever you go with PSP.

- Game. PSP opens up new worlds of entertainment.

- Movie. A cinema in your pocket, watch movies and record video your way.

- Music. Take the music with you...

- Photo. A mobile gallery, the perfect way to show off and share your pictures.

- The Perfect Match. Use Remote Play to connect PSP to PS3 and expand your entertainment options.

- Sharing the love. Use Game Sharing to beam game and other content to other PSP systems.

- Web on the go. Check your favourite sites on the move with the in-built PSP Internet Browser.
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64 MB

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