Sony PlayStation 2 Konsole Slim Black + SingStar Demo Disc inkl. Mics

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Entertainment for everyone was never easier.
Why does one in three U.S. households have a PlayStation®2 system? It's actually pretty easy to understand. It's because the PlayStation®2 system has something for everybody.

The library is massive. More than 1,700 games that span every genre.

Online play
Built-in Ethernet and modem ports let you get online and get into the big show.

The convenience of the built-in DVD/CD player. Enjoy DVD movies and your favorite audio CDs.

Slim & lightweight design
The right size for any room. The PlayStation®2 system is about as small as a hardcover book.

Processor that delivers
Enhanced clarity. Mesmerizing graphics. The 300MHz processor delivers.

Audio for your ears
Get in the game. (Or the movie, or the song.) Dolby® Digital sound puts you right in the middle of it.

Controller response
Pressure sensitivity on every action button. And analog thumbsticks for enhanced mobility. The DUALSHOCK®2 Analog Controller puts you in control.
Colour of product:
I/O ports:
2 x USB\n1 x DC\n1 x 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T\n1 x RJ-11C\n1 x Infrared I/R

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