Vogel's GPA 3220 TwistDock CableSet

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TwistDock Cableset: even your cables are in style “Lovely, all this PS3 gear … but it must not become a mess.” We regularly heard this remark during our interviews with clients. Thanks to the TwistDock the cables are neatly hidden, so that there is no jumble anymore around the game console. This is obviously quite an improvement, but we went a step further. In addition, you can also choose the TwistDock Cableset as an accessory. The TwistDock CableSet provides a set of high-quality cables to the TwistDock, which have been designed in such a way that they perfectly match with the design. So even your cables are completely in style and your Playstation 3 will become a real design element in your room!
The advantages of the TwistDock Cableset: • The only cable set that has been specifically designed for the PS3; • Made of PS3 material; • The plugs have been made under a corner for the ultimate design; • The cables can be used worldwide; • Top quality for a very competitive price.
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PS3 Slim

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