Acer 2 Year Total Protection Extended Service Agreement for Notebooks

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NOTE: Must be purchased within 365 days of the original PC purchase date. Proof of PC purchase date may be required. Warranty must be registered with Acer no later than 30 days after delivery. Registration details are included with the warranty documentation. Not available for refurbished products. Must be applied to a standard 1 year warranty only.

Notebook Total Coverage Option

If you purchased an AcerAdvantage warranty extension or upgrade which includes Total Coverage for a notebook computer this program provides specific services, up to and including repair or replacement of the designated notebook, to assist in restoring your system to operation following accidental damage. The Total Coverage Option will be provided in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. If you purchased a Total Coverage Agreement it will be indicated at the top of this document. In the event the Covered Equipment is physically damaged by an accident and cannot be repaired in an economic or timely manner as solely determined by Acer. This Plan will cover the cost of Replacement Equipment, which will be provided by Acer to the Customer at no additional charge. In the case of Covered Equipment which is no longer manufactured, the then current closest functionally equivalent Replacement Equipment will be provided to the Customer by Acer within fourteen (14) business days of determination that Replacement Equipment is necessary.

*There will be a deductible after the first service repair per year under this program. Please contact Acer America Corp. Extended Warranty Department for further details.


Acer will provide those services ("Services") and the equipment ("Replacement Equipment") necessary, as specified below to help you to promptly resume computer operations following accidental damage of your notebook computer ("Covered Equipment").



This Agreement covers all transportation charges associated with shipment of the Covered Equipment between your location to and from the point of service. Acer will handle transportation services as part of the Notebook Protection Plan.


This Agreement does NOT include coverage for reproduction of any Customer data on the system which may be lost because of the accidental damage to the equipment or because your original unit cannot be repaired on an economic or timely basis. For those systems with Customer-Removable hard drives, every attempt will be made to return your original hard drive with the replaced system. However, if return of the original Customer-Removable hard drive is not possible, customer assumes total responsibility.

Notice of Accident

When an accident does occur, you may contact one of the following numbers for immediate support: End user technical support 1-800-816-2237 Corporate technical support 1-800-409-2237 (Please have your account number ready) Please provide details of the problem and then follow the Technical Support instructions for pickup and delivery of your system to the repair depot for service.

Replacement Equipment

Any Covered Equipment replaced by Acer will become the property of the program Underwriter.


The Services provided under this Total Coverage Option do NOT include:

Wear and tear, gradual deterioration of Covered Equipment or any services covered under Acer Warranty or Extended Warranty Agreements that may be applicable on Covered Equipment. Fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by the customer on the Covered Equipment except for vandalism committed by employees, if you are a business, or others using your Covered Equipment on a temporary basis.

Damage caused by fire or excessive heat exposure. In the event of an earthquake, Acer will provide all services described herein, but will not provide free repair or replacement of equipment that is damaged as a direct result of an earthquake. Loss of use or loss of profits, loss of revenue or market, data, loss of noncovered hardware or software or any consequential losses. Damage resulting from hostile or warlike actions in time of peace or war. Theft of Covered Equipment. LIABILITIES/LIMITATIONS

Acer and Underwriter are not liable for the provisioning of any services, hardware, or software other than that set forth in this Document. Acer and Underwriter shall not be liable for any failure or delays in meeting obligations under this Agreement which are due to causes beyond their reasonable control.

C310, C200, 8200, 8100, 5600, 5100, 4670, 4650, 4400, 4200, 4100, 4070, 4060, 4020, 3010, 3000

2430, 2420, 2410, 9500, 9400, 7100, 5670, 5000, 3620, 3610, 3000, 1640Z, 1640

Number of years:
2 year(s)
Response time:
24 h

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