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Designed by the leader in privacy products, the 3M™ Privacy Screen Protector for the HTC™ Flyer™ protects your data from prying eyes and your display from dust and dirt. Innovative 3M technology also ensures vividly clear image quality without compromising touch screen functionality.

Privacy on the Go – 3M technology protects your privacy while blocking the view of others.

Vivid Image Clarity – The clear finish of 3M Privacy Screen Protectors for Tablets maintains high image clarity.

Touch Compatible – 3M Screen Protectors do no compromise touch screen functionality.

Privacy & Share Modes – For devices with dual orientation, you choose whether to keep your information private or share with those around you by simply changing the orientation of your screen.

Stay-Clean Edges – Innovative stay-clean edge technology prevents dust and grime from collecting on the edges of screen protector.

Easy to Clean (microfiber cloth included) – Fingerprints and smudges wipe away cleanly with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Residue-Free Removal – 3M's residue-free adhesive means your screen protector goes on easy and comes off clean.
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