Corel LCWPPROX5MLG word processor

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Do more file sharing
- Import and export the latest Microsoft® Office files, including OOXML
- Work with more than 60 file types, including ODF
- Publish to PDF to share documents with anyone
- Share files with the newly integrated email client

Do more with PDFs
- Import, edit and publish PDFs without extra software
- Annotate PDFs to easily collaborate with others
- Convert PDFs into text documents to reuse content
- Archive files for easy access with support for PDF/A

Do more with tools that adapt to you
- Customize menus, shortcuts and toolbars
- Switch to Microsoft Office Mode
- Collaborate with others using PDF, SharePoint or Web services
- Manage your email, contacts and schedule in one place

Do more in less time
- Find answers quickly with the revamped Help system
- Take control with tools like Reveal Codes and Make It Fit
- Look great fast with FREE templates
- Easily migrate macros, settings and templates
Minimum hard disk space:
660 MB
Minimum processor:
466 MHz
Minimum RAM:
256 MB
Minimum system requirements:
Compatible operating systems:
Windows 7\nWindows Vista\nWindows XP
Mac compatibility: