ZyXEL E-iCard, CF, 1Y, USG 20

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E-iCard 1 Yr Content Filtering for USG 20

iCardis used to activate the external services bundled with the ZyWALL Series. There are three external services that require activation via myzyxel.com with the iCARD Service License Key:

- AV+IDP (AntiVirus + Intrusion detection & protection);
- AntiSPAM;
- Content Filter.

Content Filtering (CF)
Curb rampant web surfing with ZyXEL's top-notch content filtering feature. Using content filtering from a world-class service provider, administrators can block access to non-work related or questionable websites, increasing business productivity. Configuration is easy as checking off which categories of content you want to allow or block.

Key Features
- Native customizable content filtering (allows for blocking and allowing lists) for URL and keyword blocking;
- Dynamic filtering engine allows for fast and accurate detection;
- Real time URL rating;
- Reporting;
- Covers major global languages.
Compatible products:
License term:
1 year(s)

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