Panda Security for Enterprise

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Malware attacks cost large organizations 2.2% of their annual revenues even though they have traditional security solution installed.

All large organizations have traditional security solutions installed for protecting their network. By having so, they may be protected from massive malware attacks but they can still be vulnerable to zero-day malware threats or targeted attacks.

In fact, the effects of malware attacks in large organizations have risen to 2.2% of their annual revenues in 2007. In many cases, malware attacks take up network resources or shut down computers, causing an important lost of productivity. But in many other cases organizations can face more silent threats such as targeted attacks that can go unnoticed by signature-based traditional security solutions. Antivirus companies that continue to protect their clients with the traditional model are unable to offer complete protection due to the exponential growth in malware creation.

Large organizations need complete solutions that allow them to manage risk situations with proactive and preventive methods. Due to the existing malware scenario, organizations need to adapt their security policies to comply with regulation requirements and become trusted.

Network security strategies are increasingly becoming a part of the business as they may prevent it from losing revenue. A correct security strategy can increase business profits by reducing risks.

The solution: Panda Security for Enterprise

Panda Security for Enterprise provides the most advanced proactive protection in a multi-tier flexible architecture covering all layers of the network. Its functionalities include network access and application control.

Based on a combination of a multi-tier proactive protection (TruPrevent) and periodical in -depth audits (Malware Radar), Panda Security for Enterprise offers a complete preventive solution against known and unknown threats.

Panda Security for Enterprise includes protection for desktops, roaming users, file servers, e-mail servers (Exchange, Domino), ISA servers and MTAs.

The centralized console (AdminSecure) unifies the information of all protections and allows administrators to manage risks by offering real-time information to keep them constantly alert to threats.

Panda Security for Enterprise is the only solution that covers all necessary types of protection as an all-in-one solution, eliminating the need to purchase additional security complements in the future.

Main Benefits

- Complete centralized monitoring of all the corporate network computers. The AdminSecure management console allows the administrator to manage the global security of the network from one or more points, optimizing computer productivity and allowing centralized policies.
- Efficient security solution. The different modules included in each solution offer each company, regardless of its size, the right security level for its system structure.
- Ensures corporate policy fulfillment and optimized employer productivity. The administrator can distribute polices to the computers, and block access to restricted applications or files form the central console.
- Simplifies risk management.Corporate soultions enable automatic in-depth audits to detect hidden malware that could have gone unnoticed during other scans.
- Protects the company's crititcal assets.Proactive technologies provide and additional protection layer against all types of unknown malware, targeted attacks and Internet threats.

Key Features

- Centralized all-in-one console that enables to manage all protections from one single point. Dashboard provides real-time information
- Most advanced proavtive technology composed by intrusion prevention, proactive detection and behavioral analysis
- In-depth malware audits and disinfection service (Malware Radar) capable of uncovering advanced hidden threats.
- Network accesss control to prevent infected, insecure or compromised PCs from connecting to-your network and contamniating your files and data.
- Anti-spam for desktops, e-mails servers nd MTAs to eliminate undesired mail.
- Exhaustive Content Filtering. Preventive blocking of viruses and spam, in both inbound and outbound email. (Now with Exchange 2010 compatibility).
- Application controlthat allows administrators to have complete control over endpoint and network resources.
- Wide range of detailed detection activityreports which can be customzed and configured to be sent periodically to administrators.
- Anti-malware protection and ocntent filtering for Microsoft ISA servers.Ensures the robustness of your security policies. Stops the spread of infections on local networks.
64-bit computing:
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26 - 100
License term:
2 year(s)
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Electronic Software Download (ESD)