Kaspersky Lab Mobile Security 7.0 Enterprise, 100-149u, 1Y, RNW

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Kaspersky Mobile Security 7.0 Enterprise Edition is designed to ensure protection of mobile devices running Symbian OS and Microsoft Windows Mobile against malware programs and unsolicited e-mail messages and performs the following functions.

Real-time protection of the file system of the device - interception and scan of:
- al incoming objects transmitted using wireless connections (IR port, Bluetooth) and EMS messages,
during synchronization with the personal computer and downloading files using a browser;
- files opened on the mobile device;
- programs installed from the device's interface.

Scanning of the file system's objects on the mobile device or on the connected expansion cards by user's demand or according to the sche-dule;

Reliable isolation of infected objects in the quarantine storage;

Updating of Kaspersky Mobile Security bases used to scan for mal-ware programs and delete dangerous objects.

Blocking unwanted SMS messages.

Blocking access to or erasing user's data in case of unauthorized ac-tions with the device, as, for instance, theft.

Protection of the mobile device at the network level.

The user can use the capabilities providing flexible control of the Kaspersky Mobile Security operation settings, viewing the current anti-virus protection status and the event log in which the application's actions are recorded. The application includes a menu system and support an easy-to-use user's interface.
Software version:
License quantity:
100 - 149 user(s)
License term:
1 year(s)
Compatible operating systems:
Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 Series 60 UI\nMicrosoft Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0/6.1

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