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Service Overview
IBM Managed Security Services for Unified Threat Management (called “MSS for UTM”) is designed to
provide a comprehensive security solution deployed across a variety of Appliances.
MSS for UTM is intended to be a comprehensive security service, divided into two distinct packages:
Protection Package - includes Intrusion Prevention system (“IPS”) and firewall support, and helps
block traditional attacks such as worms and intruders; and
Content Package - includes management of, and support for, Web filtering, antispam, and antivirus
modules. This package helps Customers eliminate unsolicited e-mails and objectionable Web
content, while providing protection from newer threats such as identity theft (“phishing”), viruses,
and spyware.

IBM offers each MSS for UTM package at the following alternative service levels.
- MSS for UTM – Standard;
- MSS for UTM – Select; and
- MSS for UTM – Premium,
each described in further detail below.

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