IBM Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation, ROK, TUR

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The New Cost-Effective Technology Foundation
The proven and reliable technology of Windows Server Foundation provides you with a foundation to run most small-business applications. It’s an affordable platform for the core portfolio of IT capabilities, including file and print sharing, remote access and security. A simple and familiar Windows experience makes it easy for organizations to get up and running.
As the heart of a true local area network, Windows Server Foundation lets employees exchange data securely, without requiring e-mail or the Internet access. Additionally, Windows Server Foundation provides an easy upgrade path to higher-end versions of Windows Server, so your IT solution can grow as your business grows.
Windows Server Foundation can grow along with your businesses, providing the ability to upgrade to a higher-capability edition of Windows Server as needed. Easy availability of skilled manpower, compatibility with most hardware devices, and the peace of mind gained from running a genuine Windows-based server helps you achieve the highest return on investment.

Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation is designed to meet your needs better than traditional alternatives:

General purpose server
Windows Foundation Server provides you with a dependable and affordable technology foundation for running your business applications and for sharing information and resources. Being based on Windows Server 2008 R2, you can run not only core infrastructure, remote desktop services, and identity management solutions for your business—you can support you core LOB applications built on the simplicity and technical capabilities that Windows Server 2008 R2 provides.

Provides channel convenience
Buying Window Server Foundation could never be easier. Windows Server Foundation comes pre-installed along with your server hardware saving you the efforts of separately procuring and installing the operating system on the server hardware. And as Windows Server Foundation is supported by an extensive network of trusted Microsoft partners, you can rest assured that your investment is reliable.

Make your first server investment
Ensuring your initial server investment is key to the success of your IT, Windows Foundation provides an ideal first server supporting your single-server network. Windows Server Foundation can be also deployed in a variety of ways to meet your needs – providing flexibility. Best of all, Windows Server Foundation is full upgradable to higher versions for when your business grows – the Windows Server family grows with you. You can know that your investment in Windows Foundation server will ensure you data and applications will be reliable, secure and provide room for you to grow as needed.
64-bit computing:
Language version:
Mac compatibility:
Minimum processor:
Minimum hard disk space:
32 GB
Minimum RAM:
0.5 GB