Fujitsu Windows Server 2008 Remote Desktop, 1 Device

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Remote Desktop Services
With Remote Desktop Services (RDS), one of the core virtualization technologies available in Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft is progressing in its vision to provide the best virtualization platform for accelerating and extending desktop and application deployments from the data center to any device. In addition to the traditional session virtualization scenario (formerly known as “Terminal Services”), Remote Desktop Services is expanding its role to provide an extensible platform for a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) makes it possible to run an application or an entire desktop in one location, but have it be controlled in another. With RDS, you can install and manage session-based desktops and applications, or virtual-machine based desktops on centralized servers in the data center; screen images are delivered to the users, and the users' client machines, in turn, send keystrokes and mouse movements back to the server. When using Remote Desktop Services, administrators can present users with an entire desktop environment, or with their individual applications and data which they require to complete their task. From a user perspective, these applications are integrated seamlessly—looking, feeling, and behaving like local applications.

Accelerating Desktop & Application Deployment
Remote Desktop Services accelerates and extends deployment of desktops and applications to a wide array of client devices, helping make your organization more agile and responsive. RDS also enables flexible work scenarios such as hot-desking and work from home.

Help Secure Data and Applications
Remote Desktop Services helps organizations keep critical intellectual property highly secure and helps radically simplify regulatory compliance by removing applications and data from the desktop.

Increase Remote Worker Efficiency
Remote Desktop Services helps simplify remote connectivity, enabling rich applications to be accessed from a web page and seamlessly integrated with a local desktop, improving remote worker efficiency.
64-bit computing:
Language version:
License quantity:
Software type:
Disk Kit
Compatible operating systems:
Windows Server 2008 R2
Mac compatibility:
Minimum processor:
1.4 GHz
Minimum RAM:
2 GB