Fujitsu SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, 1Y, 1CPU

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
As a data center professional, your on-going challenge is to provide fast and secure access to core business applications, systems and data. You need a reliable, high-performance server operating system that cost-effectively delivers critical business services. This platform should enable the integration of your existing and new technologies, and efficiently coordinate your computing resources. Ideally, it should also be highly versatile, scalable and manageable, as well as support a wide variety of industry-standard hardware, third-party software and common development environments. Nice daydream you think? With SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server from Novell, this dream just comes true. Choose the innovative data center powerhouse ready for your organization. It’s time for a change!

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a highly reliable, interoperable and manageable server operating system built to power missioncritical workloads in physical and virtual environments. With this affordable open source foundation, you can cost-effectively deliver core business services, enable secure networks, simplify heterogeneous infrastructure, and maximize efficiency and value. The only enterprise Linux recommended by Microsoft and SAp, it is optimized to deliver high-performance mission-critical services, as well as edge and network infrastructure workloads. Designed for interoperability, it supports open-standard CIM interfaces and can be managed alongside Windows servers by Microsoft System Center or any solution utilizing CIM. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is a modular, general-purpose operating system, runs on five processor architectures and is suitable for a wide range of workloads. And it is optimized to run on leading hypervisors and supports an unlimited number of virtual machine guests per physical system with a single subscription, making it the perfect guest for virtual computing.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server helps your organization maximize business efficiency and value, and mitigate risk.
Reduce cost—Not only lower the cost of your server infrastructure software, but also save money on hardware, as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server supports industry-standard hardware. And it is offered with simplified “per server” subscription pricing. You can easily pursue “scale out” or “scale up” approaches for adding computing capacity.

Save time—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server includes the leading package management stack, enabling you to update your systems in minutes rather than hours. Intuitive installation tools and pre-configured profiles allow you to rapidly set up popular services, both locally and remotely. Efficient subscription management tools help you track and manage your operating system software assets. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is CIMinstrumented, so you can manage it with your choice of management solution. Finally, built-in support diagnostic tools accelerate support communications, resulting in faster issue resolution.

Mitigate risk—Cost-effectively and reliably deliver a wide variety of mission-critical services. Being an open source operating system, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server ships with source code and binaries, which makes it inherently more secure than proprietary operating systems. Additionally, transparent licensing terms and conditions encourage technical innovation and choice and competition in the marketplace.

Get what you need—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server features optional extensions that provide advanced capabilities for high-availability clustering, running .NET applications on Linux, real-time computing and virtualization. You pay for just what you need, avoiding unnecessary extras. As demand grows or needs change, you can easily add the additional capabilities.

Trust-in ecosystem—Supported and certified by the world’s leading hardware and software vendors, SUSE Linux Enterprise is backed by awardwinning Novell® Technical Services and a global ecosystem of partners.

Integrated Systems Management—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server integrates the package management subsystem ZYpp. The unique installation, configuration and administration tools YaST® and AutoYaST enable you to quickly install and configure services, and patch and update your systems.

Reliability, Availability and Serviceability—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server supports swap over NFS to leverage remote storage for local server needs. It also comes with several kernel-level features, scheduler enhancements and power-management capabilities that enable you to get the maximum performance from your systems.

Cross-platform Virtualization—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server comes with the leading implementation of Xen. It includes graphical and commandline tools for the management of Linux and Windows virtual machines. Interoperability—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is designed for interoperability with Windows and other operating platforms, making it the ideal choice for heterogeneous environments.

Green IT—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server features innovative power-saving capabilities, such as Tickless idle, that let you derive maximum performance per watt, and it ships with improved, more granular file-based power profiles.

Comprehensive Security—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server comes with AppArmor® application security framework and other essential security features like firewall, VPN or intrusion detection. It also includes support for the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) standard.

Advanced Networking—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server supports IPv6, includes Open Fabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED) and supports Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and Data Center Bridging (DCB), which you can use to run SAN and LAN traffic over the same link.

High-performance Computing—Its advanced memory management, multi-pathing and I/O capabilities, coupled with support for high-speed interconnects and multi-threaded file systems, make SUSE Linux Enterprise Server the preferred choice today for high-performance computing.

Simplified Subscription Management—Managing server subscriptions and support entitlements is made easier with Novell Customer Center and the Subscription Management Tool.

Supportability—With Novell Support Link and enablement for Novell Support Advisor, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server delivers innovative diagnostic and reporting tools to accelerate issue resolution.

Complete Development Environment—The SUSE Linux Enterprise Software Development Kit (SDK) includes all of the major open source compilers, libraries, debuggers, simulation tools and editors necessary to create or port applications to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.
64-bit computing:
Supports AMD64/EM64T systems:
Supports IBM POWER:
Supports Itanium2 systems:
Supports x86 systems:
Supports zSeries systems:
License quantity:
1 user(s)
Number of years:
1 year(s)
Mac compatibility:
Minimum processor:
Intel PentiumIII 500MHz, AMD64
Minimum system requirements:
VGA 800x600
Minimum hard disk space:
2 GB
Minimum RAM:
0.5 GB
Recommended hard disk space:
8500 GB
Recommended processor:
Pentium4 2.4GHz, AMD64
Recommended RAM:
1024 MB