Fujitsu Red Hat Enterprise Linux HPC, 2-CPU, 1Y

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Server
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server is a versatile platform that can be deployed on physical systems, as a guest on the major hypervisors, or in the cloud.

Hardware partners, ISVs, and customers depend on the stability of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux core system infrastructure, provided by published interfaces (kABI, core libraries, and service infrastructure) that Red Hat assures through and across releases. Supported hardware ranges from a single socket to the largest systems produced by our partners. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server also includes a complete LAMP stack (Apache/Tomcat, PHP/Perl/Python, MySQL/PostgreSQL), file and print services (NFS, CIFS/SMB, CUPS), and authentication services (openldap, kerberos5).

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for HPC Compute Node
Red Hat offers packages specifically for the scientific user who needs to deploy clusters of systems that work together to take on the most challenging of missions.

An HPC (High Performance Computing) Compute Node is designed for deployment as a member of an HPC cluster. Primary goals in this deployment model are a slim component set, excellent hardware detection and monitoring capabilities, centralized authentication and logging services, and fast IO.
Supports IBM POWER:
Supports Itanium2 systems:
Supports x86 systems:
Supports zSeries systems:
Desktop GUI:
Gnome 2.8
Number of years:
1 year(s)
Compatible operating systems:
Linux 2.6.32 - 2.6.34
Kernel foundation:
2.6.32 - 2.6.34
Mac compatibility:
Minimum hard disk space:
1 GB
Minimum RAM:
0.5 GB
Recommended hard disk space:
5 GB
Recommended RAM:
1024 MB