Acer Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64-bit, 5CAL, ROK

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Acer, together with Microsoft®, delivers enterprise-level server software solutions boasting outstanding quality and reliability to those who demand smooth fulfillment and deployment processes. Acer’s combined efforts with Microsoft® engineering teams, plus rigorous validation process and high compatibility standards, ensure interoperability and superb performance of the products. Acer and Microsoft® are going the extra mile to bring you the best of server system and software solutions.

The Reseller Option Kit (ROK) is a software distribution option that offers tuned and certified Microsoft® server software separately from Acer servers. Each ROK is another server option, like memory or hard drives. It is a cost-effective, install-ready kit for easy deployment of Microsoft® Server operating systems on Acer servers.

Benefits to End Customers:
- A quick fulfillment process in place to secure prompt delivery with software right in the Acer server (one call, one order, one shipment);
- Convenient as a one-stop shop for both resellers and end-customers getting both hardware and software all in one place;
- A better overall user experience with ready-to-use servers that are quick and reduce support needs;
- Cost-effective procurement with single-window purchase and ready-to-install capability, translating to reduced procurement costs while saving time.
64-bit computing:
License quantity:
5 user(s)
Mac compatibility:
Minimum processor:
1.4 GHz
Minimum system requirements:
VGA 800x600\nDVD-ROM
Minimum hard disk space:
32 GB
Minimum RAM:
0.5 GB