ZyXEL Vantage Report 2.3, Network Reporting Analyzer, 1 Devices

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Web-based Centralized Reporting System
ZyXEL Vantage Report 2.3 (VRPT 2.3), a web-based centralized reporting system for fast and efficient log collection and analysis in a distributed network, provides cooperate network administrators of a
convenient and simple method of monitoring multiple ZyWALL Internet security appliances. With the VRPT 2.3, network administrators can easily monitor network access, potential attacks and application
bandwidth usage. The VRPT 2.3 offers a comprehensive set of real-time and historical reports including firewall attacks, bandwidth usage, Web site usage and more, allowing network administrators to be aware of suspicious network activity and to ensure high business productivity.

Easy Network Activity Tracking
The VRPT 2.3 provides real-time monitoring and various historical reports including traffic report (bandwidth, Email, Web, FTP, VPN), network attack (Firewall, Virus, Spam, Intrusion), security policy (Web
Block) and more. This allows network administrators to be aware of suspicious network activity and attacks. Intuitive drill-down function allows network administrators to easily identify the correlation
between security events and hosts and take prompt actions.

Access and Navigate Your Reports from Anywhere
The password-protected web-based user interface allows network administrators to display the logs and configure reporting functions. To further simplify maintenance, remote management is supported to
allow access from any location using a standard web browser.

Easy Report Generation
The report scheduling feature allows network administrators to schedule automatic reporting once, daily or weekly. These reports are delivered automatically through email allowing network administrators to share data with the management team for further analysis. In addition, it's easy to provide reports to your customers with MSSP.
License quantity:
1 user(s)
Compatible operating systems:
Windows XP Pro (SP2)\nWindows 2000 (SP4)\nWindows 2003 Server (SP1)
Minimum hard disk space:
80.000 MB
Minimum processor:
2.6 Ghz
Minimum RAM:
1024 MB