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Integrate PCs in remote networks

As a remote network and Internet access client for the professional user, NetWAYS/ISDN provides reliable, highly efficient and economical network access. Support for ISDN, GSM (including HSCSD) and ADSL makes NetWAYS/ISDN extremely versatile. Optimum interoperability and hence maximum investment security are ensured by support for a broad spectrum of standards. NetWAYS/ISDN is particularly recommended to connect branch offices, telecommuters, and field representatives, or for remote network maintenance.

Features at a glance

- Professional remote network and Internet access for PCs and notebooks
- Supports ADSL, ISDN and GSM
- Supports virtual private networks (with IPsec) and dial-in access over ISDN or GSM


- IPsec with Authentication Header (AH) and Encapsulated Security Payload (ESP)
- Internet Key Exchange Protocol (IKE, RFC 2490), Main Mode and Aggressive Mode
- Tunneling mode
- IPComp payload compression (Deflate, LZS, LZJH)
- SHA-1 and MD5
- AES, DES and 3DES encryption
- XAUTH and config mode


- Supports PPP over ISDN (RFC 1618)
- PPP payload compression (Stac and MPPC)
- Channel bundling with two ISDN B channels
- Load-sensitive dynamic channel bundling, with configurable thresholds
- Header compression for TCP/IP
- Dial-up and leased lines


- Supports PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)
- Supports PPP over AAL5 (PPPoA) with AVM FRITZ!Card DSL or FRITZ!Card DSL USB
- PPP payload compression (Stac and MPPC)

Costs and efficiency

- Short-Hold Mode with charge rate detection and rate profiles
- Filters: NetBIOS, SNMP, IP-Multicast
- Spoofing: ARP, NetBIOS
- ISDN costs can be statically allocated to server or client ("charge one site only", COSO)
- Connection statistics and journal, including ISDN charges


- Unrestricted interoperability with AVM Access Server
- Internet service providers offering PPP over ISDN or ADSL (PPP over Ethernet or AAL5)
- Remote access servers or routers using PPP over ISDN (RFC 1618)
- IP masquerading/NAT
- ISDN call-back and PPP multilink, BAP/BACP
- Filtering and spoofing in accordance with PSCP
- PPP data encryption (ECP, RFC 1968) using the Twofish algorithm and 256-bit key length

User control

- Menu-driven connection set-up, line control and monitor
- Simply import a complete VPN configuration (with AVM Access Server)
- Permits automatic connection to the LAN, even before a Windows login
- Controllable through an API for custom applications.