HP Identity Driven Manager v3

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- HP ProCurve Identity Driven Manager (IDM), a plug-in to HP ProCurve Manager Plus, dynamically provisions network security and performance settings based on user, device, location, time, and endpoint posture. Identity Driven Manager provides network administrators with the ability to centrally define and apply policy-based network access rights that allow the network to automatically adapt to the needs of users and devices as they connect, thereby enforcing network security while providing appropriate access to authorized network users and devices. Identity Driven Manager is a powerful tool that allows network administrators to efficiently manage the users and devices connecting to their network.
- Traffic prioritization: Traffic prioritization (QoS) can be automatically applied for each session based on user, device, location, and time of day, allowing appropriate prioritization of network traffic.
- Policy-based network access rights: Network access policies specifying network security and performance are defined based on the user, time, location, device, and endpoint posture and then dynamically enforced at the edge of the network, where users and devices connect.
- ProCurve network management solutions: HP ProCurve Manager Plus: IDM is delivered on the ProCurve Manager Plus Secure Domain Architecture, which delivers increased scalability and security; HP ProCurve Network Immunity Manager: IDM delivers enhanced integration with ProCurve Network Immunity Manager, which monitors the network for threats and applies policy-based mitigations to offending endpoints or users; IDM and NIM work together to provide consistent and effective network security.
- Graphical user interface (GUI): Identity Driven Manager provides a powerful GUI for defining network access policies and monitoring users on the network. Administrators can quickly see which users are currently on the network and easily drill down to know where and when they connected.
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