D-Link D-View SNMP Network Management System

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D-View SNMP Network Management System is a comprehensive standards-based management tool designed to centrally manage critical network characteristics such as availability, responsiveness, resilience and security in a consistent way. Flexible and versatile, this software accommodates a wide range of new D-Link and third-party devices, including wireless bridges and access points, multi-layer switches, remote routers, and multi-tenant broadband CO devices. D-View provides useful tools to allow you to effectively manage device configurations, fault tolerance, performance, security and accounting services.

Modular Architecture
D-View is organized into a vendor-independent platform and user plug-in modules. The platform consists of five main components, namely the Alarm/Trap Manager, Discovery/Parsing, MIB utilities, Internet tools, and the *User Account Manager. Plug-in modules are for the devices that you want to manage. When you select a device to manage, D-View will look for that device's plug-in module and display it on the screen.

Managing Third-party Devices
You can also manage non-D-Link SNMP devices without plug-in modules. D-View provides a MIB compiler for you to compile MIB files from the vendor of the device into a System recognized format, then loads it into a database. The compiler can communicate with your network device to get the current values or to set a new values for the MIB objects of your interest. All MIBs are converted into a graphic tree view, with which can use the MIB Browser to manage the device. D-view's Module Wizard will look for the compiled MIB files then organize and display the contents on the screen for you.

Microsoft Access Format Database
MIB contents in the database generated by the MIB compiler are organized according to the Microsoft Access format. This enhances the integration of your environment, while giving you the options of editing your database using D-View or the familiar Microsoft Access software.
Language version:
Compatible operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 2000/Windows XP
Minimum hard disk space:
100 MB
Minimum processor:
550 MHz
Minimum RAM:
256 MB