G DATA ClientSecurity Business 10.0

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Benchtest winning technology

- DoubleScan: twin virus scanner modules deliver awardwinning virus detection
- OutbreakShield - instant protection against new viruses.
- Blocks infected emails within minutes of an outbreak
- Integrated rootkit blocker
- Special module for exposing rootkits
- Scans all compressed file and archive formats
- Secure protection against viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, dialers, Trojans and many more
- Improved protection against dialers, spyware, adware and other riskware
- Heuristic detection for unknown viruses

G Data AntiVirus ManagementServer

- Installation, virus scans, updates, configuration and reports remotely controlled on the network (LAN/WAN) via TCP/IP
- Automatic distribution of updates via the network
- User-definable client grouping and setup
- Virus alert via popup window or email
- Central quarantine function
- Collect jobs for clients in offline mode
- Generation of client installation packages

G Data AntiVirus Client

- Client processes run in the background and “invisible” to users
- Email virus blocker for Outlook, Outlook Express, and other email clients (POP3 / IMAP)
- OutbreakShield: client-side instant protection new virus outbreaks (POP3 / IMAP)
- Full functionality, even in offline mode
- All local scan jobs possible
- Options for independent updates and virus monitor deactivation

G Data Firewall Client

- Remote-controlled installation and settings
- Individual adaptive access rules on the client simple administration
- Monitors all in- and outbound connections
- Blocks and reports DoS attacks, portscans and much more
- Four security levels or expert-mode with password protection
- Invisible stealth mode

G Data PremiumSupport

- Automatic signature updates for 12 months included
- Free software updates
- Local rate PremiumSupport available 24 hours a day, days a year
- AVK InternetAmbulance
Language version:
License quantity:
10 user(s)
Minimum RAM:
256 MB
Minimum system requirements:
Compatible operating systems:
Windows 7/Server 2008/2000 SP4/XP SP 2/Vista/2003
Software type: