AVM Access Server Basic

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The AVM Access Server provides a secure Internet connection for the corporate network, and so permits a smooth flow of information between scattered company locations. A firewall and VPN tunneling protect both the local network and the communication link. The AVM Access Server reliably and safely connects a company network to the Internet, to remote PCs and notebooks, and to remote LANs, with built-in support for ISDN, ADSL and AVM KEN!.

Features at a glance

Firewall and VPN-secured Internet access through:

- ADSL-Controllers (FRITZ!Card DSL)
- ADSL modem bridge and Ethernet adapter (PPPoE)
- ISDN-Controllers
- Existing Internet access using KEN! or KEN! DSL
- Existing Internet access through a router

Connect the LAN to PCs or PC networks at remote locations:
- Over the Internet connection (VPN)
- Over direct ISDN connections to the ISDN-Controller
- Versatile firewall to protect the local network
- Service for Windows XP, 2000, NT 4.0

Package contents
CD-ROM with Setup files and license key

- AVM Access Server
- NetWAYS/ISDN manual (depending on selected product package)

Networking products' interoperation
In the local network: AVM Access Server
At the remote site:

- AVM Access Server in a LAN
- NetWAYS/ISDN in a stand-alone PC
- Other products compatible with the AVM Access Server, based on ISDN or IPsec standards

Details on VPN and IPsec

- Unlimited remote networks configurable
- Use any standard Internet access provider (no fixed public IP address necessary)
- Permits VPN connections to remote networks and individual PCs
- Easy, wizard-based configuration
- Export a VPN configuration for each NetWAYS/ISDN client in password-encrypted file (for transmission by e-mail, floppy, etc.)
- Supports the following IPsec modes: Transport and Tunnel Modes, Authentication Header (AH, RFC 2402), Encapsulated Security Payload (ESP, RFC 2406), SHA-1, MD5; DES, 3DES, AES (128, 192, and 256-bit key lengths); IPComp (RFC 2393) with Deflate (RFC 2394), LZS (RFC 3051), LZJH (RFC 2395); Internet Key Exchange (IKE, RFC 2490); Main Mode and Aggressive Mode; authentication using preshared keys

Comprehensive user management

- Internal user management (groups and users) and RADIUS
- Unlimited number of users configurable
- Export the VPN configuration for each NetWAYS/ISDN client in password-encrypted file for transmission by e-mail, floppy, etc.)
- Informative use statistics

Easy operation

- Intuitive, wizard-based user interface
- Context-sensitive on-line help
- Extensive diagnostic functions
- Optional web-based administration interface.
Minimum hard disk space:
50 MB
Minimum processor:
Pentium 200
Minimum RAM:
64 MB
Compatible operating systems:
Windows Server 2003, XP, 2000 Server/Pro, NT 4.0 Server/Workstation