HP StorageWorks Continuous Access Software EVA4K Series 1TB E-LTU

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Do you need to plan for advanced Disaster Recovery with simple configurations and management? HP StorageWorks Continuous Access EVA Software provides an array based application that uses advanced replication technologies to replicate data over distance between HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Arrays. The HP StorageWorks Continuous Access EVA utilizes the powerfully simple graphical user interface (GUI) provided by Replication Solutions Manager (RSM) Software to create, manage and configure remote replication on the entire HP StorageWorks EVA family of storage arrays. With the combination of unique remote replication technologies and the unparalleled easy to use RSM Software interface, enterprises can be confident their information is protected in the event of a disaster. Furthermore, Continuous Access EVA Software provides the necessary components to solve enterprises business continuity objectives in a cost effective and easily deployable package.

Advanced disaster recovery

• HP StorageWorks Continuous Access Software helps enable compliance to business continuity and regulatory goals. Using advanced replication technologies, information is protected from disaster or unplanned downtime

Simple to manage and configure

• Continuous Access EVA shares the exclusive unified, Replication Solutions Manager Software, with Business Copy EVA Software. This interface offers users a simple control point that utilizes job engines, wizards and host integration and an Interactive Topology Manager that reduces workload and errors

Flexible and Versatile

• Continuous Access EVA offers both synchronous and asynchronous modes of data transfers These two replication modes provide flexibility in recovery time and recovery point objective planning.
Minimum system requirements:
Minimum two StorageWorks EVA3000/4000/5000/6000 /8000 series, Minimum two FC switches (one per site), Dual or single intersite links - FC, FC-IP, Sonet, or WDM as appropriate, Command View EVA v6.0, or 7.0, Command View License(s)-to-use (LTU), Servers wi
Applications supported:
HP Continuous Access is available on the EVA 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 and 8000 arrays. Replication Solutions Manager can manage HP Continuous Access EVA and HP Business Copy EVA across the full EVA product line
Browser supported:
Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1, Mozilla 1.7.3, Mozilla 1.7, Mozilla 1.7.5, Firefox 1.0.7
Dimensions (WxDxH):
222.25 x 6.35 x 142.87 mm
Replication distance:
Replication features:
array based
Supported hardware environment:
HP StorageWorks EVA disk arrays