HP EVA Dynamic Capacity Management SW EVA4xxx Series Unlimited LTU

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HP EVA Dynamic Capacity Management Software (DCM) provides a comprehensive solution that automates storage provisioning and improves capacity utilization for the HP Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) family. DCM Software uses advanced automation to “right-size” the supported file system and the EVA virtual disk (Vdisk) storage volume to the needs of an application. This dramatically improves capacity utilization by allowing the administrator to simply specify a capacity utilization range for each Vdisk.

Configuring EVA DCM Software policies takes just seconds with its effortless wizards and advanced automation. The simple "set and forget" provisioning not only reduces the resource cost of ongoing storage provisioning, but also allows for the potential postponement of additional capacity purchases due to increased storage utilization. This reduces the operational costs of powering and cooling unnecessary storage while lowering the enterprise's carbon footprint.

Ability to “Right-Size” the File System and the Storage Volume to the Needs of an Application

• File systems and storage volumes are automatically expanded online as application needs increase, or shrink to reclaim unused capacity that can returned to the disk group for use by other applications.

Improves Capacity Utilization by Simply Specifying a Utilization Range of the Vdisk

• Improved capacity utilization allows more applications to be deployed on the same storage array.