HP Data Protector Express V6.0 for 3 Server E-LTU

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HP Data Protector Express Software is easy to install, easy to use and easy to manage backup and recovery software designed specifically for smaller organizations. It robustly, yet simply, protects single machines or small networks in Windows and Linux environments. Protection is delivered for file servers, application servers and Windows workstations. Data Protector Express makes backup to disk and tape very easy and also supports backup to CD/DVD media. Powerful features such as D2Any2Any backup, Bare Metal Disaster Recovery and self-tuning parallel data streams minimize backup and recovery times without compromising ease of use. Each server license includes all the features of Data Protector Express. This makes licensing, budgeting and purchasing the backup and recovery software simple, predictable and very good value.

Radically Simple and Massive Value All-Inclusive Licensing Scheme

• Each server license includes all the functionality of Data Protector Express – unlike other backup and recovery software, no need to purchase option licenses to enable advanced features, additional capacity or application integration.

Network Backup and Centralized Management

• Each licensed machine joins the Data Protector Express Backup Domain to enable centralized management.

Online Application Backup Included in Every License

• Any licensed server running Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft SQL Server can be backed up without taking the application offline.

Flexible Backup Device Location, Management and Sharing

• Any backup device in the Data Protector Express Backup Domain is visible and accessible to all machines in the Backup Domain and any machine is able to act as local media server for high performance backup or as or network media server consolidated backup.