HP 3PAR System Tuner F400/4x300GB Magazine E-LTU

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HP 3PAR InForm Operating System Software spreads volumes evenly and widely across all available resources so that HP 3PAR Storage Systems can deliver balanced performance. However, as the storage system scales and new applications come online, new access patterns may emerge that result in sub-optimal performance levels. HP 3PAR System Tuner Software autonomically and non-disruptively detects potential bottlenecks and hotspots then rebalances volumes to maintain peak performance without impacting service levels or changing pre-existing service level characteristics such as RAID level.

Autonomically Maintains Peak Performance Over Time

• HP 3PAR System Tuner Software automatically detects and eliminates bottlenecks and hotspots without disrupting applications or impacting service levels.

Customizable Solution Delivers Administrative Simplicity, Flexibility, and Control

• HP 3PAR System Tuner Software targets underperforming storage at the sub-volume level by identifying fine-grained capacity units that fall below a specific user-definable threshold.