HP 3PAR InForm F400/4x500GB Nearline Magazine E-LTU

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Supported across all HP 3PAR Storage System models, HP 3PAR InForm Operating System Software utilizes advanced internal virtualization capabilities, features, and tools to increase storage management efficiency, capacity utilization, and performance in enterprise and cloud data centers. The InForm OS simplifies storage management by handling provisioning and change management autonomically—intelligently, at a subsystem level, and without administrator intervention. Autonomic provisioning features eliminate traditional storage planning by delivering instant, application-tailored provisioning. Fine-grained virtualization of lower-level components and wide striping of data ensure that service levels remain high and predictable, even as the use of the system grows or in the event of a component failure. Industry leading ease of use is delivered through the simple, unified HP 3PAR Management Console and the powerful, scriptable HP 3PAR Command Line Interface (CLI).

Autonomic Provisioning Features Eliminate Traditional Storage Planning

• HP 3PAR Rapid Provisioning is an HP 3PAR InForm Operating System Software feature that delivers instant, application-tailored volume provisioning. Provisioning is managed intelligently and autonomically while traditional storage planning and change management are reduced.

Simple, Powerful Administration Tools Deliver Industry-Leading Ease Of Use

• The unified HP 3PAR InForm Management Console simplifies storage management by placing everything you need to administer and optimize your entire HP 3PAR Utility Storage deployment in a single window, including remote replication to disaster recovery sites.

Advanced Virtualization Capabilities Deliver High And Predictable Service Levels

• The HP 3PAR InForm Operating System Software stripes data in a massively parallel and fine-grained fashion across all internal resources. This enables service levels to remain high and predictable as the use of the system grows or in the event of a component failure.

Data Protection and Copy Space Reclamation Features Improve Capacity Utilization

• HP 3PAR RAID MP (Multi-Parity) uses Fast RAID 6 and the accelerated performance of the HP 3PAR ASIC to prevent data loss as a result of double disk failures. Performance levels are maintained within 15% of RAID 10 and with capacity overheads comparable to popular RAID 5 modes.
Supported hardware environment:
HP 3PAR T-Class and F-Class Storage Systems