Nuance PaperPort Professional 12, 15-50u, EDU, FRE

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PaperPort Professional 12 is our flagship document scanning and desktop document management software application. It’s designed to scan documents from any scanning-capable device, including multifunction printers, all-in-ones, desktop and mobile scanners. Once documents are scanned using PaperPort, they can be organized along with all your other digital documents, including photographs and application files, right on your computer desktop. PaperPort allows you to turn paper and forms into PDF documents you can organize, search, and share with unprecedented speed and ease.

Customers use PaperPort Professional to:
- Scan paper documents so they are never lost and can be more easily retrieved;
- Automatically route scanned documents from network MFP devices to individual desktops;
- Create PDF files from application files so they can be easily shared;
- View PDF files quickly and annotate them with comments and stamps;
- Combine scanned documents and existing digital documents in one cohesive PDF file;
- Quickly move or scan files from individual desktops to shared document repositories such as Microsoft® SharePoint®;
- Organize and manage all documents in one easy-touse software application.

Customer Challenge
Businesses recognize that serving customers is their number one priority. When customers call with a question about their account or project, you need immediate access to the right information. Most businesses, however, still rely on paper documents. So unless you have perfectly organized file cabinets within easy reach of each employee, chances are you aren’t going to get the specific information you need as quickly as you’d like.

To complicate matters most businesses in today’s service industry need to manage information pouring in from multiple sources worldwide to various points within the organization. Businesses may have multiple offices or departments, each specializing in one customer touch point — sales, customer service, technical support, records management, claims, and much more. All these departments are a vital conduit for the flow of information related to sales orders, transaction history, claims, deliveries, projects, schedules, and so much more.

PaperPort makes it easy to get all your documents in one place and eliminate paper. With PaperPort and any scanning device you can scan anything into PDF or JPG and view over 150 document and photo formats. PaperPort speeds and simplifies organization by automatically filing documents so they’re easy to find and share with a single click. It creates large clear thumbnails of all your documents so you can see what’s what without have to open each file. And when you scan to PDF format you can share your files with your customers, colleagues, or vendors — no matter what program, platform or operating system they’re using on their end.

Increase Productivity
PaperPort includes everything you need for easy, effective document management. An advanced tabbed ribbon interface logically groups features with clear text descriptions so there’s no learning curve. A “Scan Now” button lets you scan documents with a single click. It’s the ultimate PDF document desktop.

Reduce Waste, Conserve Energy
PaperPort is a green solution. Use it to scan, convert, organize, repurpose, and share PDF documents across the enterprise. End your reliance on printing, faxing, and mailing practices that have harmful effects on the environment—and the bottom line.

Create Perfect Fillable Forms
PaperPort’s FormTyper feature accurately and automatically converts scanned paper forms into professional-looking electronic forms you can fill out online, save as PDF documents, and send via email. It automatically recognizes check boxes and lets you control detailed form attributes. And transparent stamps are ideal for adding scanned signatures.

Protect Sensitive Documents
Safeguard confidential information and ensure compliance with government regulations regarding document security. PaperPort’s advanced PDF security features, like PDF passwords and encryption, let you control who can access specific documents and who can make changes.

Capture Information on the Go
No scanner nearby? No problem. Just take a picture of the document with your digital camera. PaperPort’s visual interface acts like a large bulletin board where you can quickly view and organize your pictures. Plus, you can easily convert pictures of documents to usable text. Works with any desktop scannerAny All-in-one printer, mobile scanner, or desktop scanners will work faster, easier and better using PaperPort.

Easily Route Documents from MFPs
Get the most out of your investment in networked multifunction printers/copiers. These devices provide high speed, personalized scanning across your entire network. Move mountains of paper to any desktop PC using PaperPort’s advanced DesktopDelivery feature.

Manage Documents Across the Network
Send and receive documents to and from a centralized document management system using Microsoft SharePoint. Scan documents directly to SharePoint for enterprise-wide sharing and archival. You can check SharePoint documents in and out from the PaperPort desktop for seamless content and process management.
License quantity:
15 - 50
License type:
Education (EDU)
Software version:
Compatible operating systems:
Windows XP SP3\nWindows Vista SP2\nWindows 7
Minimum hard disk space:
500 GB
Minimum processor:
Intel Pentium
Minimum RAM:
512 MB
Minimum system requirements:
CD-ROM\nIE 6.0+\nSVGA 800x600
Recommended RAM:
1024 MB
Language version:

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