Nuance PDF Converter Professional 7, EN

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PDF Converter 7 is the world’s most accurate and best-selling tool for turning existing PDF or XPS files into fully-formatted Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint®, Corel® WordPerfect® or RTF documents. Designed to take full advantage of Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7 capabilities, it’s Nuance’s most productive and intuitive PDF conversion software ever. Automatically transform PDF and XPS files into accurate documents, forms and spreadsheets — with no cutting, pasting, or re-formatting required. There’s no smarter or easier way to access text, tables, charts, and graphics trapped in PDF files or to combine all pages of a PDF document into a single Excel® worksheet.

- CONVERT PDF FILES INTO FULLY-FORMATTED DOCUMENTS Never re-type a PDF document again! Convert PDF and XPS documents into fully-formatted, editable Corel® WordPerfect® or Microsoft® Office formats, including Microsoft® Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint® documents. Just right-click on a PDF file and select your conversion format to instantly create editable documents. You can even combine all pages of a PDF document into a single Microsoft Excel spreadsheet!
- GET ACCURATE “FLOWING COLUMN” CONVERSION Superior conversion accuracy turns PDF files into fully-formatted documents — complete with column layout, charts, and graphics intact. Eliminate the hassle of trying to edit content trapped in text boxes. Converted documents are complete with flowing text and columns.
- RECOGNIZE AND CONVERT PDF FORMS PDF Converter 7 includes smart, innovative Logical Form Recognition™ (LFR) technology that accurately converts static PDF forms into editable Microsoft Word forms — instantly!
- BENEFIT FROM THE LATEST MICROSOFT FEATURES AND CAPABILITIES Designed to take full advantage of Microsoft® Office 2010 and Windows® 7 capabilities, PDF converter 7 is Nuance’s most productive and intuitive PDF conversion software ever.
- WORKS SEAMLESSLY WITH SHAREPOINT Open PDFs directly from SharePoint®, convert the files and save them back to your SharePoint network. It’s never been simpler to access your converted documents from anywhere in your organization!
- REPURPOSE YOUR CONTENT With PDF Converter 7, your converted documents include editable text, original tables, and graphics that can be repurposed within new content. Need to transfer a table from PDF to an Excel worksheet or workbook? No problem. You can quickly turn tables and spreadsheets into fully editable Excel files — without all that tedious copying and reformatting.
- CUSTOMIZE YOUR CONVERSION SETTINGS Further improve accuracy by tailoring your settings to the type of document you’re converting. Settings include Standard, Legal, Pleadings, Spreadsheets, and Form conversion.
- SAVE TIME WITH BATCH CONVERSION Tired of opening and converting each individual PDF document? PDF Converter 7 makes it easy to batch convert files for maximum time savings. Simply drag and drop all the files you need into PDF Converter 7. A single click is all it takes to convert multiple files at once. You can even select automatic language detection for optimal accuracy and convenience if you process multi-language documents.
Language version:
Mac operating systems supported:
Media types supported:
Software type:
Media Kit
Windows operating systems supported:
Windows 7 Home Basic, Windows 7 Home Basic x64, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Home Premium x64, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Professional x64, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Starter x64, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Windows Vista Bus
Compatible operating systems:
Windows 2003/2008 Server
Mac compatibility:
Minimum hard disk space:
130 MB
Minimum processor:
Minimum processor family:
Pentium III
Minimum RAM:
512 MB
Minimum system requirements:
Internet Explorer 7\nCD-ROM
Recommended RAM:
1024 MB