HP Elemental Accelerator for NVIDIA Quadro Software

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Elemental™ Accelerator software is a high-speed, high-quality video processing solution designed to add power and performance to the Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS4 workflow. Coupled with NVIDIA Quadro FX video cards for creative professionals, Elemental Accelerator software harnesses the power of the graphics processing unit (GPU) to perform high-speed video encoding and deliver dramatic time savings over conventional CPU-only encoding solutions. Elemental Accelerator performs GPU-accelerated conversion of commonly distributed digital video formats to MPEG-4/H.264 AVC baseline, main, or high profile output ready for upload to the web or burning to Blu-ray disc. By executing demanding processing tasks using the GPU, Elemental Accelerator not only speeds video transcoding, it frees CPU resources to perform other tasks, resulting in a faster, more efficient video editing and production environment.

• A Faster Way to Work - Elemental Accelerator™ harnesses the power of Quadro graphics solutions to deliver up to 10X faster H.264 video encoding over conventional CPU-only encoding solutions with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, enabling high speed production for web-based video formats and Blu-ray.

• Don’t sacrifice creativity to meet a deadline. - Quadro graphics solutions deliver faster performance with Adobe® Creative Suite 4 applications. - GPU-accelerated rendering delivers real-time visual effects in Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS4 and Adobe® After Effects® CS4. - Work faster and easier with this GPU-accelerated Adobe plug-in offered exclusively with Quadro A Better Way to Work

• Your tools are key to your success. - Experience fluid interaction with the Adobe Photoshop® canvas for smoother zooming and image rotation.

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