Fujitsu iRMC advanced pack

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The iRMC enables extensive control of PRIMERGY servers regardless of the system status – even in out-of-band operation. It integrates the remote management functionality with the basic system management functions on a chip on the motherboard.
The iRMC is an autonomous system on the systems’ motherboard. It has its own operating system, a Web server, user administration and alarm management and is also supplied with power when the server is in standby mode. Communication is carried out via a LAN connection, which can be shared with the system or used exclusively for management
(TX200S3). The iRMC forwards the signals from the keyboard, monitor and mouse (KVM) digitally via IP. Apart from the free standard functions, an iRMC advanced pack can be purchased and enables graphical console redirection and the use of remote storage via USB.
The iRMC gives administrators or service technicians access to the server and extensive control, even at decentralized locations. In the event of server problems, routine tasks and maintenance can be carried out efficiently.
Compatible operating systems:
Windows 2000 Server & Advanced Server\nWindows Server 2003 Web Edition (32 bit)\nWindows Server 2003 R2 / Standard /\nEnterprise (32 bit & x64)\nRed Hat Enterprise Linux AS, ES, WS 3\nUpdate 7 (x86)\nRed Hat Enterprise Linux AS, ES 4 Update\n3 (x86 & EM64
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