AEG CompuWatch f/ 1 User

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Shutdown and UPS management software for automation in data processing
It has been developed in client/server technology for homogenous and heterogeneous networks in order to shut down the server and computers with their operating systems in a reliable manner.

Special features:
- Software in client/server technology
- Integration as a background process
- Supports multi-server shutdown in homogeneous and heterogeneous networks
- System activities can be programmed via scheduler and configured by event manager
- Monitoring UPS devices locally and remotely via network
- Selectable bar graphs for measured values
- Support of the wake-up-on-LAN function for sequential reboot
- Customizable batch files and scripts for the shutdown procedure
- Alerting of events via network messages, e-mails and SMS
- SSL encryption for multi-server shutdown
- Logging of all events in a log file
License quantity:
1 user(s)
Compatible operating systems:
Mac compatibility:

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