HP StorageWorks System Copy Software for SAP Media and LTU

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Have you ever wanted a faster, automated way to create copies of your SAP environment without going through the manual steps, administrator involvement, and production downtime? Have you wondered if your system copies accurately represents the data in production and meets your business objectives? Take the pain and guesswork out of managing the system copy process with an automated copy solution from HP.

HP StorageWorks System Copy Software for SAP provides organizations an easier way to create system copies of their production databases for testing and development. By automating the multiple steps involved in the copy process, System Copy can save hours or days of time and effort. And by integrating with HP Business Copy software, downtime to the production database doesn't occur. With HP System Copy, SAP customers can create copies more frequently to test and validate in-house developments, with real business data, in less time, and at a lower cost.

Save Hours of Time and Reduce Costs by Automating the Steps in the System Copy Process

• HP StorageWorks System Copy Software automates many of the manual steps that were required when creating copies of the SAP database. This automated process can reduce your overall effort by hours, if not days, of time.

Create Copies of Your SAP Environment Without Experiencing Downtime

• System Copy Software integrates with HP StorageWorks Business Copy software, which uses array-based replication technologies that do not interfere with host-level operations. Test new applications on point-in-time copies without affecting your production systems.

Increase Your Ability to Create New Business and Make Better Decisions

• DEV, TST, QA, and TRNG systems often lack accurate data, making the testing of new software or applications less effective. System Copy Software provides a testing environment that meets customer and business objectives by testing in-house developments with up-to-date business data.

Electronic Software Delivery (eSD)

• Electronic Software Delivery (eSD) provides faster availability of HP software products with no paper management for you and zero environmental impact

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