HP StorageWorks Secure Path v3.0F -UX Workgroup Edition 50 License

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In today’s business environment, customers require computing systems that can guarantee availability on a 7 x 24 basis. HP StorageWorks Secure Path satisfies the customer requirement for solutions that provide no-single-point-of-failure in a storage area network (SAN) and external storage solutions. In addition, Secure Path provides path management infrastructure for technologies such as disaster tolerance and high availability clusters. Secure Path is multi-path, high availability software that manages and maintains continuous data access to HP storage systems, enabling no-single-point-of-failure from server to storage. Secure Path is host-resident software that monitors the data paths between server and storage to increase availability of information. In the event that a path failure is detected, Secure Path fails over to an alternative path. When that path becomes available, Secure Path can automatically failback to the original path.

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