HP StorageWorks Secure Path v3.0c for Linux 50 Licence CD

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Secure Path is multi-path, high availability software that manages and maintains continuous data access to HP storage systems enabling no-single-point-of-failure (NSPoF) from server to storage. Secure Path is host-resident software that monitors the data paths between server and storage to increase availability of information. In the event that a path failure is detected, Secure Path fails over to an alternative path. When that path becomes available, Secure Path can automatically fail back to the original path. For Windows, Linux, SUN and HP-UX systems connected to the HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array or the HGS80 storage controllers, Secure Path can dynamically balance the workload among available paths to optimize system performance. Secure Path on the NetWare and IBM-AIX platforms provide static workload balancing.

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