HP StorageWorks Mirroring Enterprise Edition 1 LTU

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- Low Investment: Utilizes existing network infrastructure in LAN/WAN; Alternative to expensive fabric or array-based replication technology; Multiple levels of data compression available to ensure lowest amount of bandwidth is utilized
- Data Protection: Byte-level replication ensures the mirror is accurate to last byte; On-going, continuous changes to selected files are captured for replication as they occur; Automatic server failover for MS-Exchange, MS-SQL and Oracle environments
- Scalable: Supports one-to-many and many-to-one fan out and fan in configurations; Storage, Server and Application agnostic design protects investment in existing hardware; Failover routines can support from 1 up to 100’s of servers and support for Virtual Servers.
Compatible operating systems:
Windows 2000\nWindows Server 2003
Minimum hard disk space:
30 MB
Compatible products:
ProCurve NAC800/DCM

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