HP StorageWorks FSE Client WORM Upgrade 1 TB LTU

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HP StorageWorks File System Extender Software is a file system archiving product designed to lower the total cost of ownership of storage for the enterprise. This is accomplished by migrating old files to a single consolidated layer of low-cost disk and tape devices, all without disrupting user productivity. Using a standard open interface to easily integrate with imaging and content management applications, FSE dramatically frees up application servers from less frequently used contents. Leveraging tiered storage strengths, FSE enables firms to reduce the primary storage cost as well as the related costs for replication, management, and backup. FSE places the right data on the right storage device through automated, policy-based data migration while maintaining transparent access. From both a user and applications perspective, the files appear to be in the same previous location.

Compatible operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Service Pack 3 and newer, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Storage Server, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8.0, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0
Minimum system requirements:
Consolidated configuration: FSE client runs on same machine as FSE server, Distributed configuration: FSE client runs on external machine to FSE server, RAID protected disks to hold FSE program files (RAID 1 recommended)
Hardware prerequisites:
FSE Archive minimum requirement: Minimum memory: 512 MB, Minimum storage space: 4 GB binaries, 4 GB Part partition, 4 GB Log partition, 20 GB disk buffer, RAID protected disks to hold operating system and FSE program files (RAID 1 recommended), RAID prote
Package dimensions (WxDxH):
222.3 x 6.4 x 142.9 mm
Package weight:
2.268 kg
Software version:
V 3.2
Supported storage:
Support for any storage that the operating system supports and can have a supported file system written to it
Technical features:
Automatic file archive to secondary (archival) media based on policies configured on the business need for that data, and transparent recall

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