HP StorageWorks Data Protector Express Backup Server comp Upgrade

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HP Data Protector Express software provides secure protection for data, applications and systems without requiring an expert to install, manage and operate the software. Data Protector Express delivers simple, secure and reliable data protection for a single machine or a small network running on Windows, Linux or NetWare. Backup data is written to disk, tape and DVD/CD or a combination of these media as the backup media. Features such as D2D2Any backup and recovery, data encryption, bare metal disaster recovery, parallel data streams and open file backup are delivered without compromising ease-of-use. The D2D2Any feature extends the scale and capability of D2D backups by allowing disk backups to be moved or copied from disk to other media such as tape for longer term retention. Data encryption means backup media can be safely taken off site because the media is unreadable by a third party.

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