HP StorageWorks Business Copy EVA5000 Unlimited Capacity v2 LTU

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HP StorageWorks Business Copy EVA Software, an array based application that utilizes a powerfully simple HP StorageWorks Replication Solutions Manager (RSM) user interface, creates, manages and configures local replication on the full EVA product family to meet business continuity and regulatory requirements. See below Business Copy EVA Software shares an integrated management interface with HP StorageWorks Continuous Access EVA Software. The RSM manages all local and remote replication features across the full EVA array storage family. The combination of the Business Copy EVA Software’s unique Snapclone and Vsnap local replication technologies with an unparalleled easy to use RSM interface, businesses now can achieve new IT efficiencies.
Compatible operating systems:
AIX 5.1, AIX 5.2, AIX 5.3, HP OpenVMS 7.2.2, HP OpenVMS 7.3-1, HP OpenVMS 7.3-2, HP OpenVMS 8.2 on Alpha servers, HP OpenVMS 8.2.1 on Integrity servers, HP-UX 11.0 PA-RISC, HP-UX PA-RISC 11.11 / 11iv1 (64b), HP-UX 11.23 PI / 11iv2 (PA-RISC), HP-UX 11.23 P
Minimum system requirements:
HP StorageWorks EVA5000 disk arrays
Applications supported:
Oracle 9i, 10G R2
Browser supported:
AIX 5.3, HP OpenVMS 8.2, HP-UX PA-RISC 11.11/11iv1 (64-bit), HP-UX PA-RISC 11.11/11iv1 (64-bit), HP-UX 11.23 PI 64, Red Hat AS 3.0 (32-bit), Requested: Red-Hat AS 3.0, Requested: Red-Hat AS 4.0 (64-bit AMD & Itanium) U4, Solaris 9, Tru64 5.1b, Windows® 20
Hardware prerequisites:
HP StorageWorks EVA4000, EVA6000, EVA8000, EVA3000 or EVA5000 disk arrays
Installation server prerequisites:
Dedicated management server, General-purpose server, ProLiant Storage Server, Storage Management Appliance, Storage Management Appliance with HP OpenView Storage Area Manager
Software version:
Technical features:
Advanced Replication Technologies: Vsnap, Snapclone and MirrorClone provide fast, non disruptive point-in-time data copies, Simply assign disk group and RAID to match protection levels to business value, Improves application availability through non-disru

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